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Podcast: Getting science into policy, politics, and public discussion

Ian Chubb
Anna-Maria Arabia
Quentin Grafton
Martyn Pearce

Environment & energy | Australia


This week on the Policy Forum Pod, we put science and science policy under the microscope and wonder where it was in the recent Australian election campaign. We also take a look at whether the long-term vision needed to tackle the big science challenges of our time can ever stand up to the short-termism that dominates the country’s politics.

69 minute listen

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Podcast: The Auspolicy issue – what the country voted for

Liz Allen
Paul Burke
John Hewson
Warwick McKibbin
Bob Cotton
Quentin Grafton
Julia Ahrens

Economics and finance | Australia


The quiet Australians have spoken, loudly, and re-elected a Coalition government. So what policy promises has the country signed up for? This week’s Policy Forum Pod takes a look at some of the commitments and whether they will deliver on meeting the challenges facing the country.

63 minute listen

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