Gamini Herath

Gamini Herath is Professor of Economics at the School of Business, Monash University Malaysia. He has a Master’s degree in Development Economics from Australian National University and a PhD from the University of New England.

He is the Leader of the Sustainable Development cluster of Global Asia in the 21st Century (GA21) multidisciplinary research platform of Monash University, Malaysia. He is a Senior Fellow of the Jeffrey Sachs Centre for Sustainable Development, Sunway University, Malaysia.

His principal research interests are in environmental economics, globalization and sustainable development in Asia. He has published nearly 70 research papers in highly ranked journals including the American Journal of Agricultural Economics (A*), Journal of Development Studies (A), Ecological Economics (A*), Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (A) and Australian Journal of Environmental Management. He has edited six books on Multi-criteria Decision Analysis in Environmental Management, Child Labor in South Asia and Institutional Approach to Water Resources Management. He has published 16 book chapters.

He was a visiting professor at University of Montana, USA (1999), Missouri University USA (2004, 2008) and a visiting Scholar to the International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC (2002). Prior to joining Monash University Prof. Gamini Herath worked at Deakin University and Latrobe University Australia for nearly 17 years.