Australia's Policy Future

Australia is facing serious challenges. From rising costs of living, to the growing threat of climate change, from women’s safety and gender equality, to an increasingly uncertain region, the 2022 election will cement policy choices with major consequences.

Australia needs serious policy debate to address these issues. But throughout the campaign so far, much of the focus has been on the political contest. Critical policy issues remain largely under the radar.

That’s why Policy Forum is launching this new feature section – In Focus: Australia’s policy future. Over coming weeks, we’re excited to bring you analysis and ideas across a wide range of policy areas that go beyond the sound bites.

We’re engaging the experts to dive deep into the policy concerns that will shape our nation’s future. Our contributors will summarise, synthesise, and suggest the policy futures that can respond to our biggest challenges and shape our country’s future. Whether you’re a policy wonk or just policy curious, we’re here to inform, provoke, and engage.

We hope you find the contributions from these experts valuable, and we invite you to join in the conversation.

Professor Sara Bice, Guest Editor


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National Security Podcast: Revitalising the Australia-United Kingdom security agenda

Veerle Nouwens
Rory Medcalf

International relations | Australia


In the first episode of the National Security Podcast for 2022, Head of the ANU National Security College Professor Rory Medcalf is joined by Royal United Services Institute Senior Research Fellow Veerle Nouwens to explore how the relationship between these two nations could adapt to an increasingly dynamic Indo-Pacific.

44 minute listen

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