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23 September 2022

In this special episode of the National Security Podcast, we kick off a mini-series exploring the AUKUS technology-sharing arrangement, a year on from its announcement. 

The AUKUS technology-sharing arrangement – between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia – is set to, among other things, fundamentally change the nature of Australian sea power and introduce nuclear-powered submarines to the Royal Australian Navy. ANU National Security College has produced a podcast mini-series, a year on from the AUKUS announcement, exploring its background, implications, and the implementation challenges ahead – for Australia in particular. In the first episode of this series, recently retired Vice Admiral Michael Noonan – former Chief of the Royal Australian Navy – joins Professor Rory Medcalf. They discuss the strategic challenges that led to AUKUS, nuclear submarines, the role of sea power for Australia and more. Listen here:

Vice Admiral Michael Noonan AO RAN (Retd) assumed command of the Royal Australian Navy in 2018 and retired in 2022.

Professor Rory Medcalf is Head of ANU National Security College. His professional experience spans more than two decades across diplomacy, intelligence analysis, think tanks, and journalism.

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2 Responses

  1. Brett Mitchell says:

    The Virginia under construction now are Block V not IV. Noonan should know this, he may have misspoke.

    18:15 “Australianising” an existing Astute or Virginia design can only add cost, uncertainty and delay. Look at what they have done to the Type 26 and don’t make the same mistakes.

    Building SSNs in Australia is a fantasy. We don’t have the supply chain, workforce or facilities to construct nuclear submarines. To establish them would be absurdly expensive and a generation at least. I don’t have any confidence in it ever being possible, let alone competitive with the UK and America.

    Australia needs SSNs as quickly as possible. Train our crew and technicians in UK and American schools and military facilities.

    Buy off the shelf Astutes class submarines; don’t muck around with design changes.

    Australia can have RAN commissioned Astutes before 2030, but only if we focus on acquisition, not ‘nation building’.

  2. Bob Denard says:

    in opening pandora box with weapon grade uranium ? it will “strengthen the non-proliferation regime”? Iran, North Korea etc.. will get thiers very soon after, Russian and China almost inking contracts !

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