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15 September 2022

In this episode of the National Security Podcast, Director of the CSIRO National Artificial Intelligence Centre Stela Solar joins Olivia Shen and Dr Will Stoltz from ANU National Security College to discuss ethical artificial intelligence and the strategic implications of rising global competition in artificial intelligence development.

Stela Solar – prominent Australian expert on artificial intelligence (AI) – joins Olivia Shen and Dr Will Stoltz from ANU National Security College to discuss the strategic implications of AI technology. From AI ‘data deserts’ to Chinese facial recognition technology, they reflect on the ethical questions raised by the global pursuit of the technology’s development. They discuss Australia’s position in the race to develop AI capabilities, the responsibilities of government in regulating the technology, and the opportunities AI presents for the future. Listen here:

Olivia Shen is a Director in the Executive and Professional Development Program at ANU National Security College. With a decade of experience in national security and foreign policy roles in the Australian Government, in 2019 she was a Fulbright Scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington where her research focused on the ethics of artificial intelligence in national security.

Stela Solar is the Director of the CSIRO National Artificial Intelligence Centre and former Global Director of Artificial Intelligence Solution Sales and Strategy at Microsoft. She is well-versed in artificial intelligence technology and is helping to bridge the chasm between innovation and commercialisation to create new opportunities for Australia.

Dr William A Stoltz is the Policy Director at ANU National Security College. He is responsible for mobilising the College’s research and resident expertise to influence and inform current public policy debates.

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