Pacific: In Focus

A part of the world brimming with potential, the Pacific is facing some of the world’s thorniest policy problems. From rising sea levels and the looming threat of extreme weather events caused by climate change, to human security and economic management issues, Pacific nations are at a turning point in securing their future, and the decisions their policymakers make today will go a long way to deciding the region’s tomorrow.

In this Policy Forum In Focus section produced in partnership with ANU Department of Pacific Affairs and the Australia Pacific Security College, experts from the region will examine these decisions, and dig deep into the Pacific and its future. In the process, they can shed light on the problems policymakers face in some of the world’s most unique policy environments, the states of the Pacific.

We hope you find the discussion informative and encourage you to join the conversation.

Jay Caldwell and Professor Nicole Haley

Joint Editors, Pacific In Focus section



Pacific policy responses to COVID-19

A Pacific-specific approach to regionalism

Stepping up in the Pacific


Fishing for a future: Transparency challenges in Pacific Island tuna fisheries

COVID-19 in Papua New Guinea

Are there climate change refugees in the Pacific?

Chinese loans stoke competition for the Pacific

The Pacific’s double burden of disease



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