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12 April 2019

This week on Policy Forum Pod, we celebrate a very special milestone – our 100th episode – by handing over the scriptwriting to you, our listeners, for our first Ask Us Anything episode. The panel tackle your questions that cover topics ranging from electric vehicle policy, to Australia’s water market, and a mysterious case of a missing wallet.

You asked, we answered! This week on Policy Forum Pod, we celebrate 100 episodes by responding to your questions with a bit of help from some of our friends around The Australian National University. The Pod tackles specific issues including climate change, the upcoming Australian election, and the electricity market. We also take a look at the viability of high-speed rail, the overcrowding of cities, and whether Australia has to make a China choice. But we also tackle some less obvious policy issues – from how to eat quiche, to the merits (or otherwise) of pineapple on pizza. Listen here:

Tackling your questions this week are Policy Forum Pod regulars Sharon Bessell, Paul Wyrwoll, Julia Ahrens, and Martyn Pearce. We were also delighted to be joined by a very special guest – Jodie-Lee Trembath, Managing Editor of the brilliant The Familiar Strange podcast and blog.

Helping the panel answer the questions is a stellar cast of experts from around ANU, including Professor Richard Rigby, Mark Kenny, Dr Liz Allen, Associate Professor Paul Burke, Professor Quentin Grafton, and Dr Leo Dobes.

This week’s panel consists of:

Sharon Bessell is the Director of the Children’s Policy Centre at Crawford School, the ANU lead on the Individual Deprivation Measure Project, and Editor of Policy Forum’s Poverty: In Focus section.

Jodie-Lee Trembath is Managing Editor of The Familiar Strange. She is also an ANU PhD Candidate using organisational ethnography to explore the anthropology of universities and transnational mobility of academics.

Paul Wyrwoll is an environmental and resources economist at Crawford School. Previously, Paul was General Manager of the FE2W Network and Managing Editor of the Global Water Forum.

Julia Ahrens is a presenter on Policy Forum Pod.

Martyn Pearce is Editor of Policy Forum.

Guests featured in this episode include:

Richard Rigby is Associate Director of ANU’s China in the World Institute within the College of Asia and the Pacific.

Mark Kenny is a Senior Fellow in the ANU Australian Studies Institute. He came to the university after a high-profile journalistic career including six years as chief political correspondent and national affairs editor for The Sydney Morning HeraldThe Age, and The Canberra Times.

Liz Allen is a demographer and social researcher with quantitative and qualitative expertise at The Australian National University.

Paul Burke is an economist focusing on energy, the environment, transport, and developing countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific. His research includes policies for zero-carbon energy in the Asia-Pacific and Australia’s energy transition.

Quentin Grafton is Professor of Economics and ANU Public Policy Fellow at Crawford School, and Editor-in-Chief of Policy Forum.

Leo Dobes is an Honorary Associate Professor with Crawford School. Following a DPhil (Oxford) in East European economics, he worked in the Australian Public Service for almost 30 years, much of it at the Senior Executive Service level.

Show notes | The following were referred to in this episode:

US elections 2020

Trump’s campaign promises

Australian Federal Budget 2019-20

Podcast: Getting the public service fit for the future

Some research on public service motivation

Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir

Alaskan Mayor Stubbs – also a cat

The Nest – an initiative by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY)

Bruce Chapman’s work on HECS

Making room for women in policy – Helen Sullivan

The Australian Government’s purchase of water rights from Webster Limited

Labor’s promise to increase sales of electric vehicles

Norway’s progress with electric cars

Example of Norway’s focus on infrastructure investment

Phase 1 study on high-speed rail by Australia’s Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities

Australia can’t run away from a carbon price any longer – Warwick McKibbin

Coalition’s new population policy

More on internal migration in Australia

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