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29 March 2019

This week on Policy Forum Pod we take a look at countering violent extremism policies and whether policymakers have a blind spot when it comes to right-wing extremism. The panel also discuss how the mainstream media reports deadly attacks and whether the social media giants are pulling their weight in preventing violent content spreading.

The devastating attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand shocked the world and claimed the lives of 50 people. In response, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern rushed through a new firearms policy and openly showed her solidarity with the Muslim community. Social media companies, however, were criticised for a sluggish response in removing footage of the attacks and questions have been asked about how the mainstream media covered the terrible events. This week our expert panel – Jacinta Carroll, Anooshe Mushtaq, Caroline Fisher, and Mathieu O’Neil – take a look at Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) policies, pathways to radicalisation, and the role of mainstream and social media. Listen here:

Our presenters Sharon Bessell and Martyn Pearce also take a look at the Al Jazeera’s undercover investigation into One Nation, and an historic week in the “slow-motion car crash” that is Brexit. They also tackle some suggestions for future pods from new members of our Policy Forum Pod Facebook group, and ask for your help in our upcoming 100th episode of the pod.

This episode’s panel consists of:

Jacinta Carroll is the Director of National Security Policy at the ANU National Security College. She was previously the inaugural Head of ASPI’s Counter-Terrorism Policy Centre.

Mathieu O’Neil is an Associate Professor at the University of Canberra and an Adjunct Research Fellow at the ANU School of Sociology.

Anooshe Mushtaq is the founder and Chair of the Raqib Taskforce, a Muslim-led organisation that builds social inclusion through engagement across the Australian community to dispel extremist messages.

Caroline Fisher is an Assistant Professor in journalism at the University of Canberra. She is a member of the News & Media Research Centre and co-author of the annual Digital News Report – Australia.

Our presenters this episode are:

Sharon Bessell is the Director of the Children’s Policy Centre at Crawford School, the ANU lead on the Individual Deprivation Measure Project, and Editor of Policy Forum’s Poverty: In Focus section.

Martyn Pearce is a presenter for Policy Forum Pod and the Editor of Policy Forum.

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