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Democracy Sausage podcast: From Southeast Asia to Eden-Monaro

Björn Dressel
James Massola
Marija Taflaga
Mark Kenny

Government and governance | Australia


This time on Democracy Sausage we take a look at Southeast Asia: how the governments of the region are responding to Australia’s new defence stance, how they have responded to COVID-19, and how they are balancing the great powers of the US and China. The panel also takes a look at the outcome of the weekend’s Eden-Monaro by-election.

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Podcast: Tackling the loss of local news

Caroline Fisher
Carolyn Hendriks
Martyn Pearce

Government and governance | Australia


Even before COVID-19 struck, local news was struggling, with newspapers moving online or disappearing completely. So is there a role for policy in protecting and supporting the essential role local news plays in our democracy? We’re joined by Caroline Fisher and Carolyn Hendriks to get the headlines and check the small print.

33 minute listen

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Democracy Sausage: Annabel Crabb on Australia’s moment of change

Annabel Crabb
Mark Kenny

Environment & energy | Australia


The success of the National Cabinet has shown politicians the value that Australians place on political cooperation. But can the government use this changed landscape to tackle the policy challenges facing the country and disarm the weaponised political disagreement of the climate wars? Mark Kenny talks to Annabel Crabb of the ABC about how the country’s politics has changed as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

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