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Podcast: Promoting private investment in the Pacific

Milissa Day
Sally McCutchan
Frank Yourn
Paul Wyrwoll
Roland Rich
Jill Sheppard
Julia Ahrens

Development | Australia


This week on Policy Forum Pod, we discuss how governments can best facilitate private sector investment in the Pacific and how to identify bankable projects, while taking a closer look at some recent examples of effective public-private investment projects with Frank Yourn, Sally McCutchan, and Milissa Day.

65 minute listen

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Podcast: Philip Alston – poverty as a political choice

Philip Alston
Sharon Bessell
Martyn Pearce

Environment & energy | The World


This week on Policy Forum Pod, we talk to Professor Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, about whether the human rights community is doing enough to tackle climate change, his controversial report into poverty in the UK, and how it feels to have world leaders and the media criticise you and your work.

39 minute listen

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