Poverty in focus

How do we define poverty? Who is poor? Why? What should be done?

Ending poverty is a global priority. Sustainable Development Goal 1 calls for an end to poverty in all its forms everywhere. Over the past decade, the number of people living in extreme poverty has been reduced considerably, but it remains one of the world’s greatest challenges. What’s more, there is no consensus on what should be done. 

As part of our commitment to informing robust, scholarly and policy-relevant debate, Policy Forum has launched this special section: Poverty In Focus. We hope you find the contents both illuminating and thought-provoking, and invite you to join the conversation.

Professor Sharon Bessell
Editor, Poverty In Focus section



Naila Kabeer – the gender agenda

A social insecurity system

Is every billionaire a policy failure?


Measuring what really matters in measuring global poverty

Preparing for extremes

Monitoring poverty – Australia needs to raise its game

What if poverty is a choice?



Human rights should be a tool of peace for everyone

Moraene Roberts

Social policy | Australia


On October 14, ATD Fourth World launched Understanding Poverty in All its Forms, the report of its collaborative research project with Oxford University. The research is being undertaken to build a consensus around defining and measuring poverty - with the aim of eradicating it. The research is a genuine participatory partnership between researchers, academics, and people with firsthand experiences of poverty. Moraene Roberts is a member of the National Coordinating Team of ATD Fourth World UK. Here, Moraene writes powerfully about the experience of poverty.

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