Trade and industry


Is it time for work to change?

James Suzman
Marilyn Waring
Shahra Razavi
Guy Standing
Michele O’Neil
Lyndall Strazdins
John Falzon
Arnagretta Hunter
Sharon Bessell

Economics and finance | Australia


The summer holidays are over and people are logging back on - but is it time that we had a rethink about the world of work? To welcome the new working year, the Policy Forum team looks back on what we learned from our incredible 2021 Policy Forum Pod mini-series on work.

6 minute read

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Pandemic pressures on Australian retail workers

Ariadne Vromen
Briony Lipton
Rae Cooper
Meraiah Foley
Serrin Rutledge-Prior

Trade and industry | Australia


Since the pandemic hit, retail workers have faced job insecurity, customer abuse, and increased stress from enforcing COVID-19 rules – a new report confirms that young, women, casual, and linguistically diverse workers were most affected, Ariadne Vromen, Briony Lipton, Rae Cooper, Meraiah Foley, and Serrin Rutledge-Prior write. 

6 minute read

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