The perfect toilet

Assa Doron

Development | Asia


To fix their sanitation woes, governments must see the issue differently. Far from just a technological fix, the way we clean up our waste is a social problem requiring a campaign against stigma and inequality, writes Assa Doron in this extract from Perfection, a new publication from the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific. 

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Policy Forum’s top ten posts of 2018

Terry Waite
Isaac Kfir
Scott Shackelford
Concerned Scholars of China
Open letter respondents
Simon Chadwick
Fan Yang
Sanghyun Hong
Michelle Mosey
Adam Henschke
Andrew Leigh

Development | Australia


Policy Forum published more than 300 fantastic articles this year on a huge range of public policy issues from all around the world. We’ve loved the range of topics, and the passion and expertise of our authors. Our readers have too, and here are ten of our best-read from 2018 on the site.

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